Who to Follow This Week: Marilyn Manson, Chelsea Manning, and Two Modern-Day Bombshells

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Every week, W‘s new Instagram account @whoswho aims to help you sort through the over 700 million accounts on Instagram, providing you with the top profiles to follow and the reasons why. Like most weeks, it was hard to both look at and turn away from the news—much like a car crash—but the release of whistleblower Chelsea Manning from prison on Wednesday provided some relief in more ways than one: She immediately exercised her right to Instagram hot, greasy pizza—and a single slice has never looked more empowered.

Across the globe, it was also Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, and we were introduced to the soap opera actress Olympia Valance, who demonstrated that she’s got modeling chops as well. For more beach bombshell inspiration, we also turned to Los Angeles’ own Kelly Rohrbach, who is the next Pamela Anderson in the Baywatch remake. Also taking up residence in the city of dreams is the young designer, James Flemons, who designed the costumes for Solange’s Guggenheim performance this week.

Last but not least, a series of pop cultural references including Drake, Drake’s dad, and the young rapper Lil Uzi Vert lead us to Marilyn Manson’s Instagram account, which is exactly as weird as you’d imagine.

Who: Chelsea Manning

Where: Maryland, USA

Why: The whistleblower was finally freed on Wednesday after serving seven years in military prison for sharing secret documents with WikiLeaks. She immediately joined Instagram, and the resulting posts (featuring pizza and champagne) were the only uplifting content this week.

Who: Kelly Rohrbach

Where: Los Angeles, California

Why: She’s the next Pamela Anderson in this summer’s Baywatch. Follow for bathing suit inspo.

Who: James Flemons

Where: Los Angeles, California

Why: The young designer behind Phlemuns is dressing all your favorite musicians in vintage denim, from Lil Yachty to Solange.

Who: Marilyn Manson

Where: The darkest region of your soul.

Why: Manson is back, and he can teach you how to contour.

Who: Olympia Valance

Where: Sydney, Australia

Why: She’s Australia’s next Margot Robbie.

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