Beyoncé Shares Photos Taken by 7-Year-Old Master Photographer Blue Ivy

She recently took some mesmerizing portraits of her mom.

Beyoncé, Blue Ivy
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Blue Ivy Carter has already proved herself to be a master in front of the camera, but after 7 years of allowing her impeccable sense of style to be captured on film, she’s ready to take her turn behind the camera. On Thursday, mom Beyoncé shared a series of photos of herself on Instagram, crediting her eldest daughter as the camerawoman, and proving that Blue could easily be the next celebrity kid to publish a book of moody photos.

Blue is presumably responsible for the three full-length portraits of Beyoncé included in the post. In each, the superstar wears a long-sleeved top and matching pants printed with narrow, rainbow-colored vertical stripes; a tiny green purse looped across her hips, fanny-pack-style; oversize sunglasses with coordinating jade green sides; and strappy metallic heels, and poses in front of a round piece of art featuring thin rainbow stripes similar to those of her outfit, to mesmerizing effect.

Also included between these snapshots in Beyoncé’s post is one of the little photog herself: In it, Blue lounges on a spiky sea-urchin-esque beanbag, wearing a red and blue floral sweatsuit with a white T-shirt and striped sneakers. There’s also a close-up shot of Bey’s left hand, to show off her gorgeous emerald green and sapphire blue jewelry, her shimmery pink nails, and some loose threads from the end of her sleeve wrapped around her fingers.

Shortly after, apparently still in awe of Blue’s undeniable artistic talent, the proud mom shared another post on Instagram, this one a side-by-side comparison of her and her daughter at the same age. “Someone made this comparison of me at age 7 and Blue at age 7. My baby is growing up,” she wrote, and indeed, she and Blue look like each other’s doppelgängers in the two remarkably similar photos.

This isn’t the first time Blue has experimented with the shutterbug lifestyle. In August 2018, shortly after Beyoncé’s historic Vogue cover was unveiled, a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot was released, showing Blue Ivy not only cartwheeling in the grass and playing with her younger siblings, but also holding a camera and very helpfully offering to “zoom in for you guys.” Apparently, just bidding thousands of dollars on other people’s art isn’t enough to satisfy this 7-year-old’s creative leanings.

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