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Please sirs, no touching of Jennifer Lawrence's dog. A TMZ reporter learned that lesson after attempting to speak with Jennifer about a commercial flight she'd recently been on that was forced to make an emergency landing. As the Hunger Games star exited LAX, she kept her head down and ignored the paparazzi around her, but her dog went in the other direction, literally and figuratively, becoming perhaps a bit too friendly with the press. The pup approached the reporter, who offered his hand to sniff (proper protocol when meeting a new dog, though you should always ask the owner first), prompting Lawrence to pick it up and mutter, "Don't touch my dog you f---ing loser."

Really harsh, but fair. Look, we all like dogs, but Lawrence was clearly trying to get to her car, and did not have time for some total stranger making friends with her pooch and slowing her down. And what if the dog was sick? And what if the person was sick? The takeaway here is clear: Do not touch a strange dog, lest you, too, get called a "loser."

The reporter didn't seem to mind being told off by Jennifer, as he happily told his co-workers the story in a TMZ clip.

Jennifer has a reputation for sticking up for herself when it comes to creating boundaries between her and the public. Remember how she quite publicly clapped back at another nefarious celebrity gossip site for leaking details of her harmless night of fun in a central European strip club?

Jennifer will next be seen in the upcoming Mother!, directed by her maybe-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.

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