Kylie Jenner Celebrates The Grand Opening Of Sugar Factory American Brasserie

Even Kylie Jenner Is Over Megyn Kelly These Days

If you thought we were celebrating a cultural milestone with the 10th anniversary of Gossip Girl this fall, think again: Next month marks the 10th anniversary of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is how Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner all ended up lined up on Megyn Kelly's couch for an interview that aired on Today on Wednesday.

Kardashian konnoisseurs, however, will notice that one K was missing: Kylie Jenner, even though she was reportedly on set when the interview was filmed. Indeed, the interview was in the same location as E!'s upcoming anniversary special, which features Kylie speaking to Ryan Seacrest and sitting at the end of what appears to be the very same couch where Kelly interviewed Kendall, who, like the rest of the family, is wearing the same outfit she wore on-screen with Kelly.

Now, a reason has emerged for why Kylie didn't stick around: She reportedly "bailed at the last minute because she thought the questions were going to be too tough." Yet while Kelly may have once been known for her tough questioning, these days, it says something that she can't even get Kylie to appear on-screen; the 20-year-old is, after all, the only one of the Kardashians to have developed her own spin-off reality TV show, and seems to never miss an opportunity to promote her cosmetics line, which was already predicted to become worth $1 billion by 2022.

With all that, it could have been that Kylie was just too plain busy to stick around, but then again, she's never been one to shy from unexpected appearances, from the opening of a candy store-restaurant called the Sugar Factory in Orlando late last year to a random prom in Sacramento a few months ago. In fact, it seems more likely that after filming with E!, the network that hosts her and her family's show, Kylie simply didn't feel like interviewing with Kelly, who's been on something of a downward spiral lately, even though she started off the year making headlines when NBC offered her a salary high enough to make her the highest paid female news anchor, complete with a morning show of her own.

But since switching to NBC, Kelly has struggled to maintain the ratings she got at Fox News that were so high, the network offered her a $5 million raise to stay. Even though her NBC show Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly kicked off with none other than Vladimir Putin as its guest, it somehow managed to be so unnoteworthy, especially after all the anticipatory publicity, that even Putin himself seemed bored.

Kelly's next high-profile and widely hated guest, Infowar's Alex Jones, on the other hand, definitely drew attention, though it was mostly in the form of internet outrage that didn't translate to many viewers, but did remind much of the public of their hatred of the host. (So much so that an anti-gun group founded by those involved with the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School publicly disinvited Kelly from hosting an event of theirs, seeing that Jones has questioned whether the shooting was a hoax, and advertisers as big as J.P. Morgan Chase also pulled out amid the uproar.)

By the end of the summer, the show ended its run at only eight episodes instead of its expected 10; apparently, there wasn't too much progress from the first episode, where even Putin called Kelly's questions "boring." It follows, then, that at NBC, Kylie would have had nothing to worry about—and in any case, if there's any Jenner who would, it's Kendall, who's weathered her fair share of controversies lately and still has yet to publicly apologize for her Pepsi ad which trivialized the Black Lives Matter movement—though she has since turned it into TV fodder.

But Kelly, of course, didn't ask her about that. In fact, ironically enough, practically nothing noteworthy was said in the interview; in the end, the most notable takeaway was that Kylie decided to miss out. Too bad, as she and Kelly likely would have gotten along: Life of Kylie has brought Kylie her own share of less than friendly reviews, low ratings, and lackluster view numbers, and the two could have commiserated over their poor receptions.

If all else fails for Kelly, though, she might as well take a lesson from Kylie and go ahead with bringing her mom back on screen.

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