This May is the time to fall in love with yourself again. The new moon in Taurus on the 15th will indulge your romantic side. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 29th will return you to ambition and drive. Whatever you do, don’t look back.

Yours in the stars and on earth,

The Astro Poets


Your time is truly coming in every aspect of your career. You may have to wait until fall to feel that, but the energies are right behind you and they are building toward something big and positive. Romantic love may challenge you this month. If you’re partnered, you may not hear exactly what you need from that person, but that hasn’t stopped you before. If you’re looking for love, your enthusiasm may be mistaken for coyness. Don’t let anyone deter you from the ambitious and forward-gazing path that you’re on. You will hear “no” more than once this month, and while it may deflate your spirits temporarily, know that your heart is in the right place. Toward the end of the month there will be an air sign—most likely a Libra or a Gemini—that will remind you that people really do see your courage and care. Let us remind you that, too.


Career-wise, things have been at a bit of a standstill for what seems like a long time now. You’re working in a stable way, but it feels as if things aren’t going anywhere. You don’t necessarily want the boss’s job, but you do want the boss to think you’re somewhat of a threat. That’s not to say you aren’t loyal to the work that you’re doing and the people whom you’re working for, but you have plans and goals that aren’t being met right now and this is making you feel unfulfilled. This month, you should simply keep doing what you have been: continuing to make your presence feel invaluable as a vibrant and consistent member of the workplace ecosystem. There will be time to make a bold move, but it shouldn’t be this month. Continue to think about your options, too. In the next few weeks, there may be possibilities you aren’t pursuing out of your loyalty to the people you work with. It’s good to be the one who everyone counts on, but still, be smart.

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It’s been a confusing start to spring. You may have put yourself out there in a way that’s complicated your relationships to close friends and romantic partners. This month will be a real shift away from confusion and toward clarity. Try to really value your alone time, and maybe even seek it out. This is challenging for you, because as much as you feel misunderstood, you love to be around people. Let this month be an opportunity to reconnect with your creative energy and with what makes you happy in the world, regardless of others. You have many ideas about the future and how you’d like to change your career path, but you won’t figure that out immediately. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it. Plan a trip with a few good books, write a strange away message in true Gemini fashion, and just be with yourself. Your ideas, which are rarely ordinary, are always appreciated. Know that.


With summer just around the corner, you’re already starting to plan for the fall. (That is, if you haven’t already.) You really are the planning sign, always a few steps ahead of everyone else, saving a little for a rainy day—a good quality about you, but one that’s not always good for you. Being resourceful is one thing, but sometimes you do take it to an extreme, denying yourself happiness now for the sake of later. This May, try to avoid that whenever possible. For every penny that you put into your savings, chuck another into a wishing well and hope for the best. This will ignite the lunar forces that give you your charge and your charms and will help you face all the work you need to do for the next few weeks. This work will be related to your career, but it will be emotional work, too. A few friends need you and you’ll be happy to oblige them. Of course, being there for a friend in need is how you get your charge and charms, too. The same rule applies for the love you give: Give some away, but save a little for yourself.


One of your most remarkable qualities is your optimism. It’s always there. You are the sign that pushes forward toward the sun and makes it look not easy, but important. You really believe in this world. This month will be a true test, in terms of your personal work and also your home life. Remember that you’re legendary to so many of the people close to you; those around you get energy to continue just by looking at how you do it. When you’re feeling undervalued or defeated this May, know that. Pull out a few of those Leo charms (and we know there are many) and attend that party or function or happy hour that you’ve been debating about. You do get your energy from the dance. Even when you aren’t feeling social, you recharge with others around you. Toward the end of the month a fire sign, possibly a Sagittarius, may say something that will appear hurtful, but it will be helpful and true. Be open to hearing it.


This month will see you in a continuing love scenario from last month that has you a bit uneasy. You still aren’t sure where to lay down foundations—and if a foundation is exactly what you want. Well, of course, a foundation is exactly what you want most of the time, but these days, you’re questioning everything. The good news is that this month, things will start to get clearer, and what you want will be put into focus. It may surprise you to learn that you may not want either option that’s in front of you, and you may choose a third, uncharted road where the possibilities are endless. Stay close to your family this month. If they haven’t said so explicitly, they need your care and warmth, and also your resources. You have a way of calming a storm and there will be many storms for you to quell. But this is part of your purpose in life, so go with it. Giving to others helps you understand yourself, and this May you will understand yourself quite well.


Romantic and platonic love are everywhere for you this month. This is your month of love. If you don’t feel it, please leave the house right now. It’s there. What will be important for you is to take a risk and not be the calculated, cautious, restrained Libra you sometimes are. If you put yourself out there even the slightest amount, that person—whoever they are—will see your heart. And your heart is gold. You may also be thinking of changing—whether cities or careers. You’ve done one of those in the recent past, but the other is still on your mind. This is a good thing. Keep thinking about it. Big life changes are the theme of this year for you. The more decisive you are personally—not for others, we know you’re good at that—the more you’ll feel yourself winning. Your fire sign friends are the people who will help you now—and likely forever.


For you, May will be about love. Whether you are single or with a partner, you will remain committed to whatever you have chosen for the time being. But whereas last month, you were content to plug away a bit passively, this month you’ll feel as if you need to take some action to keep things as they are. If you are single, you will push away many viable people (and we do mean many, you are a Scorpio, after all) in order to keep your much needed privacy and relationship. If you are in a relationship, you will passionately guard its existence, even if some forces (or people!) will try to break you up. There will also be a change in your energy this month. Despite your reputation and the silly things most horoscopes say about Scorpios and revenge, you are a peaceful person. Last month, you were a lot more peaceful than you are now. This month, be ready to compete with others and to fiercely protect what is yours. No one should think they could possibly win in a battle with you. We hope no one actually tries.


Everyone knows that you’re the luckiest sign in the zodiac. What they don’t know is that with hard work and persistence, you have a way of generating that luck yourself. Keep working. There will be days this month when you’ll feel very hopeless about the state of the world, about your friends, or even about your career. They will pass. But they will pass more easily if you’re working and committed to what you’re working on. There’s a lot of reward for this work somewhere toward the end of the year that you can’t possibly see now. Know that it’s there. And we almost don’t need to say this to you or even remotely think we can tell you what to do, but if someone comes along and tries to earnestly show you they’re in love with you, please believe them. Don’t be scared of love. Deep down, you know you aren’t.


You’ve spent the past few months thinking a lot about your creativity and how you might affect the world with your new ideas and inventions. This month will continue along these lines, although now you’ll be moving forward with your plans and putting these new ideas into motion. It might be time to start your own business or begin dreaming of how to make this happen. You’re known to have an impressive list of contacts, and you should use them now to give your ideas momentum and focus. In terms of love, you’ll try to combat loneliness with some extremely sweet gestures towards a crush or your current partner. You may pull out all the stops and get them a whole bunch of very nice presents and take them out to fancy dinners. Your goal with these gestures is just simple romance, and won’t be an attempt to necessarily manipulate them to do anything for you. However, unfortunately, they still may feel a bit manipulated. Whenever you can, try to be sincere. Something to be mindful of: You are very lovable!


You’ll find your mind constantly shifting back to the past, and specifically to this time last year. There was a lot in 2017 that you still feel is unresolved. Have a long dinner or entire day with one of your closest friends, and instead of repressing those feelings, talk about them. You always feel the need to radiate strength, and you do. This May, remember that real strength also lives in vulnerability and in confronting the past. The only way to get to the present moment is to have moved through the moment before. It’s okay if you feel nostalgic and reflective. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it. Try to use that reflective energy and channel it toward creative projects. The work you do now will bring you a promotion or reward toward the end of the year. Keep focused on it. A water sign friend will give you comfort and listen to you as you navigate through everything this month.


The end of last month has made you feel quite overworked. No one really understands that when you work on projects, you are unable to coldly divorce yourself from the residual energies that you take on just from interacting with other people. Maybe May should be a time to retune and refocus your relationship with yourself. Take some time to get away—not necessarily on a vacation, but in some sort of place where you can rest and relax. Also, you’re not asking enough of your friends. They do want to be there for you, but they don’t know how to help when you don’t tell them how you need them. Ah, and then there’s love. Are you thinking enough about it? The answer might be no. Don’t take it for granted, thinking that opportunities will always be there when you’re ready. Sometimes, the time to take a plunge is now. After you rest, do it!

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