Who run the world? Teens. Seriously, songs don't get radio play if the teens aren't down, movies don't get blown out into never-ending franchises unless the teens are on board, and even fashion brands fall all over themselves to make sure they have teen appeal.

Of course, not all teens are equally powerful. Some teens are just infinitely more influential than others, and Time, a magazine that does not normally concern itself much with teens, has kept an ongoing list of the world's most influential teens since 2013. Though, the thing about teens is that they don't stay that way forever. Eventually they grow up, and the pecking order of the world's coolest teens is constantly in flux.

Last year's influential teen nominees—Malala Yousafzai, Maisie Williams, Camila Cabello, Simone Biles, and swimmer Katie Ledecky all turned twenty in the last year. Same for Kylie Jenner, who, "allegedly," is now just thirteen years away from being the mother to a potentially influential teen of her own. Former influential teen mainstays Malia and Sasha Obama are now, for the first time in their teendom, the children of private citizens. Other teens like Luka Sabbat and Amandla Stenberg just didn't do enough this year to maintain their influential teen status, at least in the eyes of Time. Taken all together it was a stunning loss to teendom, but of course, there's always new teens to rise up and take their place. Some obvious (hello newly minted teen Millie Bobby Brown), others not so much.

So, here, a selection of the newcomers who Time has dubbed the most influential teens of the moment in the worlds of fashion and culture. Just in case you weren't already feeling their teen influence already.

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Han Hyun Min, 16

The half-Nigerian, half-Korean teen grew up being harassed for his skin color, but is now one of the hottest models in the Korean fashion industry, adding some much needed diversity to the country's runways in the process.


Noah Cyrus, 17

The little sister of former influential teen Miley Cryus has come into her own this year with a supporting slot on Katy Perry's latest tour and a debut album in the works. Though, as Noah told us recently her sister has helped her navigate the burdens of fame, including how to deal with the trolls. "“Don’t look yourself up, don’t read the comments,” Cyrus said of her sister's advice. “At the end of the day, if it’s hate, it’s garbage.”

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Kaia Gerber, 16

As if Gerber needs introduction around these parts. After dabbling in occasional photo shoots for the past few years, the daughter of Cindy Crawford made her runway debut during this past fashion month and walked pretty much every show worth walking.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, 17

When Vine shut down last year, we lamented that all that was left was all the famous teens it gave us. The Dolan twins, who got their start on the six-second video platform, apparently weren't quite famous enough then to warrant inclusion, but they've since grown their audience and influence on other platforms. Also, they're twins.

Brooklyn Beckham, 18

Beckham has always been in the public eye, but in the last year he moved to New York for school, published a book of his photography, and apparently rekindled his relationship with Chloë Grace Moretz.

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Isaac Hempstead Wright, 18

The sole remaining teen left from the Stark family makes his debut.

Elle Fanning, 19

Seems kind of Rude that Fanning hasn't been included on the list before, but Time rightfully makes amends during her last possible year of eligibility. And what a year its been for the younger Fanning. She's been in four movies in 2017 (including Cannes selection The Beguiled and How To Talk To Girls At Parties) and already has six more lined up on her to-do list.

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Khalid, 19

Annointed as a boy to love earlier this year by Charli XCX, Khalid is an accomplished R&B singer.

Steve Lacy, 19

A hip-hop artist with a guitar, production credits for Kendrick Lamar, and an openly bisexual identity. Peak influential teen.

Bretman Rock, 19

Makeup boys are all the rage, but Time decided Rock is currently the most influential after including another, James Charles, last year.

Millie Bobby Brown, 13

Again, no introduction needed here, but at just 13, Brown may be the youngest on the list but might just be the most influential.

Of course, there are teens from the non-fashion world on the list as well (like snowboarder Chloe Kim, activist Rayouf Alhumedhi, and business teen Moziah Bridges). There's also some returning favorites like Shawn Mendes, Maddie Ziegler, and influential teen hall of famers Jaden and Willow Smith.

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