10 French Girl Beauty Rules To Follow, Straight From Paris Fashion Week

As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, in true Parisian style, effortless French girl waves and clean, bare skin have proven to be a runway staple once again. And with good reason—who doesn’t want the Je ne sais quoi beauty of a French girl? As it turns out, each model has her own DIY variation of a natural at-home skincare remedy. For Aymeline Valade, a lemon is key in handling problematic skin, while Victoria’s Secret Angel Camille Rowe uses avocados as a hair and face mask. Teenage beauty Thylane Blondeau always makes sure to take her makeup off at night, while French It girl Sabina Socol‘s minimalistic routine is all about moisturizing. And for the ultimate lipstick trick, follow model Jeanne Damas’s foolproof technique for an effortlessly stained lip. Proving that less is always more, here’s a closer look at the best 10 French beauty rules to follow.


Model Céline Delaugère‘s skincare essentials include Vitamin E oil and “sleep, lots of water, and sun.”


Model Camille Rowe uses avocados in her diet and beauty routine, saying,”I eat a lot of healthy fats. I’ll have an avocado a day. I also put them on my face and in my hair.”


For model Aymeline Valade‘s DIY spot treatment trick, all you need is a lemon. “When you have a lot of pimples and you don’t know what to do anymore—I tried everything—there is one thing that really works besides essential oil: clean your skin and then rub lemon on your face. Leave it on for five minutes and use rosewater oil to take it off. Don’t dry your face with towels. I change my sheets a lot as well, and clean my clothes as much as I can.”


Jeanne Damas‘s lipstick trick is a no brainer. “I mix lipsticks and I always apply it with my fingers by tapping for a melted effect.”


Clémence von Mueffling breaks down her hair and bath routine as,”David Mallet L’Hydratation shampoo, Leonor Greyl and Christophe Robin hair masks. And then always a shower sponge and a cleansing washcloth that you can put your hand in, like a glove. You don’t find them here, but in France you buy it where you buy your bath towels.”


Camille Charrière is all about hydration in the winter, sharing, “I sleep with a mask in my hair sometimes when I’m in the cold because it’s dyed and it breaks really easily. But other than that, I try and avoid make-up as much as possible.”


French It Girl Sabina Socol recommends to moisturize everything as her standard beauty rule.


Thylane Bloundeau‘s beauty routine includes, “A lot of sleep; washing off makeup at the end of the day is crucial with a lot of hydration. I use a lot the makeup and hair products from L’Oréal.”


Caroline de Maigret breaks down her TSA essentials sharing that, “Lancome Nutrix moisturizer that I put on during the whole flight and lip balm from La Roche-Posay” are her go-tos.


For a simplistic morning beauty routine, follow model Marine Deleeuw‘s easy trick. “In the morning, I wash my face with cold water and then I put on this Vinoperfect moisturizer by Caudalie that has sunblock in it to protect my skin. Then I just use concealer to cover up a pimple from time to time. That’s it!”