Talk about a real life superhero. Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is refusing to sign on for a sequel to the summer blockbuster unless producer and alleged sexual harasser Brett Ratner is completely removed from the production, according a source that spoke to Page Six. Ratner's company, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, co-produced Wonder Woman with Warner Brothers and stands to take a cut of the sequel's profits if the deal repeats. Gadot reportedly wants Warner Brothers--which has already severed many ties with Ratner in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment against him by actresses like Olivia Munn and Ellen Page--to buy Ratner out so he doesn't profit from any more Wonder Woman movies. Godot herself has yet to publicly make a statement, though a Warner Brothers rep told Page Six that the story is "false."

If the rumors are true, it won't be the first time Gadot has taken a stand against supporting Ratner; last month she backed out of an awards dinner honoring him. Meanwhile, his planned Hugh Hefner biopic starring Jared Leto isn't happening,and this week, Page came forward of the time that he outed her when she was just a teenager on the set of X-Men: The Last Stand, which co-star Anna Paquin corroborated.

Now with Godot potentially holding up a much-anticipated sequel, Ratner might finally be finished, at least for now. Make no mistake, if Gadot is really threatening to not sign on for a second installment, it's a very big deal. Scandals, rumors, public shaming, apologies and declarations of empowerment all feed the gossip machine and might take someone out of the spotlight's good graces for a press tour or two, but there's exactly one thing Hollywood cares about: money. Gadot could come between Warner Brothers and money, and that's what matters.

She's in a unique position among women in Hollywood. Until the Brie Larson-fronted Captain Marvel comes out, or someone finally gives Margot Robbie a Harley Quinn standalone, she is the only face of a female-fronted superhero franchise. And re-casting probably isn't an option. Gadot has played Diana prince in three films already: Wonder Woman, Batman Vs. Superman and the upcoming Justice League. DC is trying to build a brand to rival that of Marvel's Avengers franchise, and Gadot is the only woman on the Justice League team, which comes out in just five days.

This is also not the first time a Wonder Woman lead has stood up for herself; director Patty Jenkins had to hold out for months in contract negotiations before the studio would give her money comparable to what a man would make on a sequel to a big hit.

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