The Weirdest Celebrity Instagrams of the Week, From Gigi Hadid the Smurf to Jessica Simpson’s Foot Updates

Courtesy of @gigihadid

Now that this week has come to an end, it’s safe to say that more than a few celebrities have followed Kris Jenner into the uncanny valley of Instagram—including, once again, Jessica Simpson, who provided more than a few updates on the status of her swollen foot, even making it the subject of her take on the 10-year challenge. The challenge was also one of the latest oddities to unsurprisingly appear on the ever-reliable Martha Stewart’s feed (her rogue one, that is—not her empire’s official account). This time, she was accompanied by not just her partner in crime Snoop Dogg but also a very Smurf-like Gigi Hadid and one Justin Bieber, who made a brief departure from posting about his “wife,” Hailey Baldwin/Bieber, to direct some maybe-shade at David Beckham. See who else’s strangeness you missed with a recap of this week’s strangest celebrity Instagrams, here.

Courtesy of @justinbieber

Justin Bieber does not follow David Beckham. He also does not follow Beckham’s 19-year-old son, Brooklyn, though that did not stop him from captioning this blurry throwback with, simply, “Me and @brooklynbeckham dad.”

Courtesy of @marthastewart48

Martha Stewart, a national treasure, prefers to do things at her own pace—the latest example of which was just as entertaining as when she took her first Uber ride, a few months back. Just like Reese Witherspoon and Cardi B, she joined the legions of celebrities this week who took the 10-year challenge, though with a bit of a different spin; when she posted the throwback pic, she “forgot the current photo,” as she explained in a follow-up post featuring an extremely pixelated close-up of her face—and one rather less flattering than the rest of the photos of herself on her feed, at that.

Courtesy of @diane_keaton

Did you know that it was, as Diane Keaton enthusiastically reminded her followers, “NATIONAL HAT DAY” earlier this week? The Instagram maven has “A REAL THING FOR HATS,” as she put it—a trait recognized even by the Babadook—so, naturally, she took care to observe the holiday on the app. “THIS MIGHT BE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE [hat],” she captioned this photo. “THIS IS A PHOTOGRAPH OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S HAT SHOT AND GIVEN TO ME BY THE GREAT ANNIE LEIBOVITZ.”

Courtesy of @reesewitherspoon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Reese Witherspoon as your mom? Well, no doubt quite cringily for her three teenage kids, she gave her 16 million followers some insight into the answer by sharing her approach to “talk[ing] to teenagers on Snapchat.”

Courtesy of @gigihadid

For those who were following the fashion circuit last season, the selfie that Gigi Hadid dug up “from the archives” this past week was simply a throwback to that time Jeremy Scott tapped her to star in his (slightly controversial) campaign for Moschino’s fall 2018 collection, which, if you couldn’t tell, was semi alien themed. Those who weren’t, though, likely thought they were getting a first look at what Hadid would look like as a Smurf.

Courtesy of @snoopdogg

Snoop Dogg has reincarnated himself once again—this time as “Smooth Dogg,” in honor of a Swedish payment service that’s apparently been paying him tons of money to follow in Tom Hiddleston’s footsteps by allowing a few long-haired dogs to upstage him.

Courtesy of @snoopdogg

In addition to four long-haired pups, Snoop Dogg (or Smooth Dogg, whichever you prefer) also spent some time this week with four Princess Leia lookalikes, who kept him company at California’s 43rd Congressional District for a reason that remains unknown.

Courtesy of @glennclose

Glenn Close may be in the midst of the best awards season of her career, but that hasn’t distracted her from asking the big questions—like, “Can you explain the glasses?” which she asked her followers when encountering a fellow plane passenger with “#strangetravelhabits.”

Courtesy of @jessicasimpson

Since the world is suddenly thinking much more about Jessica Simpson’s foot than ever before, thanks to an alarming photo she Instagrammed as a plea for help last week, she benevolently updated her concerned followers by informing them that she’s taken some steps to address the swelling—namely, as seen here, by cupping.

Courtesy of @jessicasimpson

The swelling can’t be that bad, seeing as Simpson still managed to participate in the 10-year challenge—though she’s the only one who appears to have put the focus on her extremely lower half.

Courtesy of @derekblasberg

Derek Blasberg captured the billionaire David Geffen flexing on his yacht by holding a pillow in the shape of a Quaalude, the party drug that, um, Bill Cosby recently admitted to giving women before allegedly sexually assaulting them.