While winter months are officially behind us, transitioning one's health and fitness, skincare and beauty regiment into the new season can be a gradual process. However, thanks to celebrity trainer and owner of the New York City's Drive, Don Saladino, who famously helped actress Blake Lively regain her post baby body, is here to help take the fear out of playing catch up from the sluggish winter months. From how to listen to what your body needs to his at home workout essentials, here, Saladino breaks down how to ease back into a spring approved workout routine.

How do you transition your workouts from the winter to the spring?

It really depends on the project and when that falls during that time of year, but for general fitness I would focus on getting the body strong and resilient during the winter months and more work capacity and leaning out in the summer months. I do this because the holidays are tough to get through for most people, and because of this I do not want them carrying the stress of having to be at their leanest.

As the weather starts to warm up, what exercises do you recommend doing outside of the gym?

I love to get people jumping, skipping, and running out doors. This is something that most New Yorkers do not get the luxury of doing all year long, so I try and take advantage of the spring and summer months by doing what we do not have access to doing in the winter months.

When are your best pre- and post- workout nutrition tips?

I prefer low carbs one hour before the workout because this helps with brain function. I make sure that my clients have enough carbs in their body prior, but find that they are less lethargic from consuming protein, healthy fats and some veggies an hour pre-workout.

How do you recommend keeping a balanced schedule for an average week of workouts?

This all depends on what the person can handle, stress levels, etc. You can do a lot with training only three days a week. If you are not recovering from four or five days a week, than this means that three is better. My workouts focus on performance and physique, which means the workouts begin with breathing and foam rolling. I then lead them into a dynamic warmup which focuses on corrective work, followed by strength circuits. We finish with energy systems work, which is a fancy word for cardio. The most important thing here is to gauge intensity by how the client is feeling that day. The coaches that try to push 100 percent all the time are usually the coaches you should steer clear from.

What can we do to ensure an efficient and effective workout every time we exercise?

Gauge how you are feeling that day. More intensity does not necessarily mean better. Not every exercise is for everyone and this is the problem with most group training. The idea that the more you sweat, the better the training is completely false. Sweating is not the result of how good of shape someone is in.

Is there such a thing has a “quick fix” workout?

Yes! Sometimes ten minutes a day is all we have and all we can handle. Just getting the body moving is a great reset for the mind and body.

What are your favorite five full body toning exercises we can try at home?

Forward to reverse lunges, one-legged Romanian dead lift, pushups, rows, and kettlebell swings. These five are tough to beat and are a great formula for a terrific full body workout.

Your what is your ultimate fitness mantra?

Anyone I have ever worked with leaves feeling successful. Coaching is about knowing what that individual needs on that given day.