Weeks before Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin confirmed their engagement and began planning their wedding, they signaled to the world that they had rekindled their old romance by embarking on a tour of New York City's most PDA-friendly parks—and appropriately, making out in those various picturesque locales, several of which were located in the trendiest neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Though they've now expanded this make-out tour to the Bahamas; Long Island, New York; Georgia; and beyond since getting engaged, the duo returned to their roots this week by doing some serious canoodling in a Brooklyn restaurant.

As seen in photos obtained by TMZ, Bieber and Baldwin were sitting in a corner booth of Williamsburg's 12 Chairs Cafe around lunchtime on Thursday when they started making out, in full view of their fellow patrons and any passersby who happened to peek into the cafe's massive front windows. Paparazzi be damned!

To refresh your memory of all of Bieber and Baldwin's outer-borough rendezvous: In mid-June, watched by the eyes and iPhone cameras of a crowd of fans, the pair engaged in an extended make-out sesh in Domino Park, against a guardrail lining a path overlooking the East River. A few weeks later, on July 1, they were spotted smooching across the river from Manhattan yet again, this time among the greenery of Dumbo's Brooklyn Bridge Park; mere days later, Bieber confirmed that the model had convinced him to shave off his mustache, while talking to fans during a romantic stroll through—where else?—Brooklyn. Rick and Ilsa have Paris, and Biebwin, apparently, will always have Brooklyn.

Not only are the newly engaged couple unafraid to show some PDA in front of the paparazzi's lenses, but they've also made a habit of posting loved-up shots on their own social media pages. Earlier this month, to confirm that he'd popped the question to Baldwin, Bieber uploaded a photo of his fiancée kissing the side of his head, following it up days later with a racier pic of the lovebirds liplocked in a hot tub. Naturally, this left fans, followers, and John Mayer wondering who, exactly, is charged with following the pair around and photographing their every bout of PDA.

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