Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Are Back to Matching, Snacking, and Maybe Dating

A recap of their recent reunion, featuring Cheetos and rosé.

Celebrity Sightings In Paris -  June 13, 2017
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In the six months since Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell reportedly broke up, both 29-year-olds have been keeping busy; Maxwell, for example, has both attended and detoxed from Coachella, and Stewart has taken yet more daring beauty-related risks. But judging from their recent outings together, the pair’s affection for each other has not changed.

A quick refresher for those not ultra-invested in Stewart’s dating life: After a slew of headlines about her fling with Miley Cyrus, Maxwell sparked a new set of romance-related rumors in the tabloids in late 2016, when she paid Stewart a visit in Savannah, Georgia, where the actress had been filming Lizzie with Chloë Sevigny. By the next month, their apparent romance had crossed state lines, with paparazzi documenting the pair holding hands at a theme park near Los Angeles.

Soon it was reported that Maxwell had moved in with Stewart in Los Feliz, and the couple embarked on an enviable summer of love, ranging from Paris, where they spent Fourth of July partying with Chanel, to Winnipeg, where they successfully crashed a wedding. Maxwell and Stewart also made it to New Orleans, where they risked their lives for the sake of a photo op—a move that has since gone down in celesbian history.

Stella Maxwell posing for Kristen Stewart in New Orleans, May 2017. Photo by MEGA.

They appeared to still be going strong in the fall of 2018, when Maxwell joined Stewart in Europe, where she’d been shooting the Charlie’s Angels reboot. But rumors of a breakup began to spread soon after—particularly after KStew stans discovered photos of the actress holding hands with the celebrity stylist Sara Dinkin. (Maxwell, meanwhile, cozied up to a boa constrictor.)

Unsurprisingly, Stewart has never confirmed any sort of relationship with Dinkin. She’s long kept her personal life private—though she has spoken about her preference for keeping her options open when it comes to romance. “Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they’ll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. I want to try everything,” she explained in 2017. “If I have grilled cheese once, I’m like, ‘That was cool, what’s next?’”

But seeing as Stewart also insisted that she’s “been deeply in love with everyone [she’s] dated” in that same interview, it shouldn’t come as a shock that she and Maxwell got dinner last month. Even less surprising, though, was that their outing landed them back in the tabloids; like clockwork, Us Weekly “exclusively” reported that the pair had rekindled their relationship exactly two weeks later.

Whether or not they’re back to officially dating, they certainly seem to be enjoying a carefree June. (For evidence, look no further than the photos of Maxwell roaming the streets of Los Angeles barefoot after joining Stewart at a nail salon for a pedicure.) Since then, they’ve switched coasts, heading to New York, where they were photographed on Monday during an outing to a bodega for Cheetos and Haribo gummy candies, holding hands and wearing matching sweat suits.

In other sweets-related news, they were also photographed drinking rosé en plein air on Tuesday. Once again, they wore matching outfits—this time, white tees and jeans—though Maxwell has yet to make the ultimate act of coordination commitment: bleaching her brows too.

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