Cook, foodie, A Little Life superfan...Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski can now add "underwear model" to his evergrowing resume. On Thursday, Hanes unveiled its new boxer brief campaign, #VouchforthePouch, and the most epicurean member of the Fab Five was front and center. In the photos, which are shot by his longtime boyfriend, Joey Krietemeyer, Porowski struts about in pairs of the brand's Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs inside a well-lit home. The set, as usual, is a marvel of interior design.

"Baby's first endorsement!" the reality TV star told People in an interview. "Could you possibly ask for a more iconic American brand? I think it's really amazing, and I'm very proud and excited to be working with them. When they first approached, I thought it was going to be for the classic white brief, which everyone loves, but then they showed me the Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs, which are an updated modernized version, and I love them."

They're not quite as revealing as the Speedo her allegedly wore in Mykonos, but they do seem more appropriate for curling up at home in Brooklyn and listening to The Strokes.


Joey Krietemeyer/Hanes

Elsewhere in the interview, the newly minted underwear model said that he doesn't cook around heat in his underwear for safety reasons, that he's "allowed" to walk about in underwear until noon, and that the Hanes briefs are ideal for sitting in his "old '60s Italian armchair." Porowski also shed some light into how he became known as the "T-shirt guy" on the show. "I know the Netflix stylists had very clear ideas of what they wanted the other guys to look like, and for me the vision was, 'You are New York, you are simple!'" he told People. "I like casual and easy. So we just sort of went with that and I took the platform. I was like, let's promote some bands that I like, books that I like, and you know, showcase those because we have this amazing platform like Netflix to show it on."

As for his noted resemblance to John Mayer, yes, Porowski is well aware. "I think it's just because we have dark circles under our eyes, which we were both born with, and it's something we have to work on ourselves," he said. " But who knows? Maybe we will meet!"

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