It's been barely five days since the longtime rumors that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were going to call it quits became official (at least according to People). And, in what should come as no surprise, those five days have brought yet another flood of unnamed "sources" eager to offer their take on things, which tabloids have eagerly turned into stories with headlines such as "Bradley Cooper Can't Shayk Lady Gaga?"

Shayk and Cooper themselves, on the other hand, have maintained silence on whether or not their four-year relationship has come to an end. (The same goes for their representatives.) But for Shayk, that's beginning to change. Unlike Cooper, she's been spotted out and about over the past few days—at first thanks to the paparazzi, who captured her rolling a suitcase, carrying a puffy jacket, and looking overall immaculate on her way to the airport on the day that their breakup was reported. (It turned out that Shayk was actually on her way to Iceland for work—not necessarily to put as much distance between herself and Cooper as possible—though that didn't stop the photos from inspiring a frenzy of memes.)

Since touching down in Iceland, though, Shayk has taken the narrative around her in the media into her own hands via Instagram—even though she's long been vocal about her right to keep her personal life private on the app. (Cooper has appeared on her feed so rarely that in 2016, it made headlines when a segment of his disembodied torso could be glimpsed in the background of one of Shayk's selfies.)

To be clear: Shayk has made no direct reference to her relationship with Cooper on the account. Still, it seems impossible that Shayk (or her social media manager) wouldn't realize that anything she posts—not to mention says or does—following reports of the breakup will immediately be subjected to speculation and scrutiny. And yet, Shayk has not refrained from posting; after all, as a working, highly successful model, it's practically part of her job description. (Her first post-breakup posts, for example, were Instagrams of her latest magazine cover, which Shayk no doubt posed for long before the past week.)

And while she was still plugging a brand in the photo that she posted from Iceland on Sunday, it was definitely a bit more along the lines of a post-breakup "I'm doing just fine"—and quite an impressive one at that. (It's not easy to inspire jealousy when you're perching on a rocky outpost near a glacier, sans pants.) And that's how her followers interpreted it, if the comments are any indication, from fans expressing sentiments such as "Bradley Cooper, thank you" to fellow fellow top models like Shalom Harlow and Lara Stone turning to emojis to express their support. Miley Cyrus, meanwhile, extended a benevolent invitation: "Come over and swim lol."

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On Monday, she followed up on that post with another pantsless photo of herself, this time in a much lusher setting. Once again, the post got hundreds of thousands of likes, including—gasp!—from Lady Gaga's ex-fiancé, Christian Carino, and once again, Shayk tagged a brand. If the one-piece bathing suit with minimal backside coverage she wore to take in a waterfall was technically spon-con, though, no one seemed to mind; judging from the ultra-supportive comments section, her fans would be overjoyed to collect a paycheck.

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As for what Cooper’s been up to, there's no word just yet.

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