Post Split from Gigi Hadid, Zayn Has A New Bachelor Pad and Maybe New Music

Ever since his split from supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid, former One Direction member and pop star Zayn Malik has been posting all kinds of stuff to Instagram (and getting new tats), but his most recent video is especially exciting...and cryptic. Posted Saturday morning, the teaser shows us glimpses what looks like a new music video that's "coming soon," featuring Zayn in a Hawaiian patterned shirt all Miami Vice'd up delivering, like, a briefcase to a yacht? The story continues, says the video. Color us intrigued!

Maybe this is a sequel of some kind to one of his previous videos; there's the c lick of a typewriter, gunshots, the same shot run backwards and forwards, and a pay phone. So that' Check it out below and decide for yourself just what Malik is getting at here:

Elsewhere on his Instagram, Zayn has been deep into selfie mode, perhaps due to breakup-induced self-reflection. Or maye he's just really digging the front-facing camera these days.

In addition to his recent breakup and new project, the singer is also making moves in the real estate world. He recently purchased a swanky Manhattan penthouse. Women's Wear Daily points out that it's not too far from Gigi's neighborhood, though in fairness, a lot of famous people live in SoHo. According to their reporting, the penthouse, a former silk showroom (damn!), cost "$10.7 million" and is a "four-bedroom spread atop a six-story, 14-unit condominium in SoHo that dates back to 1877." It even has "its own 1,061-square-foot private terrace" and "exposed brick high ceilings, oversized windows and cast iron and wood columns, giving it an industrial chic vibe. Perfect for a boy-band bachelor.

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