Zayn Malik just got not one, but two post-break-up tattoos. On his neck.

The former One Direction member, who recently split from his longtime girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid, posted two pictures of his new ink to Instagram on Friday because, look, we all grieve in different ways. In one picture, he showed off a tattoo of a rose on the back of his neck/head, and in another, captioned "neck yat," a tattoo artist is working on the front/side of his neck while Zayn smokes a joint or perhaps a very small cigarette.

The meaning behind his tattoos has not been revealed, but he later posted another picture of a rose to Instagram.

Malik already sports a number of tattoos, including two for his ex-girlfriends. People notes that "Malik also had an arm tattoo of ex-fiancée [Little Mix member] Perrie Edwards, which he has since has covered up," and in the mid-tattoo picture, he seems to still have eyes that look an awful lot like Hadid's on his chest.

The couple announced their breakup via dual Twitter posts earlier this week. Around the same time, on Instagram, Malik posted a shirtless selfie captioned. "When Life throws you lemons , catch em so they don’t hit you in the fucking face." So, basically, we should have seen their breakup, and possibly these tattoos, coming.

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