In recent weeks, Zayn Malik has been posting increasingly odd selfies to his Instagram. In addition to pics of his new tattoos, he has been experimenting with filters and contrasts that made him look like, well, The Joker. But now you can't see any of those mildly concerning posts, because Zayn just deleted all of his Instagram posts. As in, zero posts. The full purge. Pulling A Taylor Swift, if you will.

As of publication time on Saturday afternoon, Zayn's Instagram account shows "no posts yet," though he is still following 28 accounts: Reese Witherspoon, director Aneil, Sia, Scott Mills, someone named Veli, a group called Make You Know Love, a graffiti account, his sister Doniya, Versus Versace, Giuseppe Zanotti, and literally all the rest are fan accounts.

Zayn, are you okay?

There are a few possible explanations for Malik's sudden start-over on his Instagram: He could be rebranding with a new aesthetic, creating publicity to promote his upcoming project (remember when he teased a new video on the platform?), or maybe he's just over the whole Instagram life. But our hunch is that he's taking a little Zayn time in the wake of his recent breakup with longtime girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Maybe he started deleting their many couple-y posts and then thought, Let's just toss the whole lot out.

His 27.7 million followers are probably mourning the loss of so many quality pics, but luckily you can still see many of the photos from happier days over on Marie Claire, where they rounded up all the now-gone Gigi-Zayn Instas.

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Unlike when Swift pulled this move, it looks like Malik hasn't touched his Twitter account, where he still has thousands of posts, mostly retweets and promotions about projects, but it took about 30 seconds to scroll to a Halloween retweet from Gigi, linking to her Instagram of him doing pull-ups in a Spider-Man costume.

That's the thing about breakups. You can delete all the pictures you want, but you can't Eternal Sunshine the memories away.

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