On Thursday, news broke that the national treasure that is Meryl Streep will live on for generations—which is to say that Streep's daughter, Mamie Gummer, has given birth to her first child. A Gummer representative confirmed the news to Us Weekly, which comes about six months after Gummer got engaged to her fiancé, a 36-year-old writer and producer named Mehar Sethi.

The birth marks a milestone for Gummer, who's now the first of Streep's children to become a parent. (Streep and her husband, the sculptor Don Gummer, have three other children: Henry, who is 39; Grace, who is 32; and Louisa, who is 27.) It also marks one for Streep, in the form of yet another monumental role: that of grandmother.

As usual, it's one that Streep is well prepared for—even if this time, that's somewhat by chance. Thanks to Nicole Kidman, who enticed Streep to join her in the cast of Big Little Lies, the 69-year-old-old actress spent part of last year pretending to be a grandma for her role as the mother of Alexander Skårsgard's character, the late, not-so-great Perry Wright. (The second season doesn't come out until June, but from the looks of it, Streep is set to be helping out Kidman, who plays her daughter-in-law, in raising her children with Perry—joining her on a mysterious "hunt for answers.")

Thankfully, Gummer bears no apparent similarities to Perry, meaning that the worst of grandmotherhood should now be in Streep's past. (Barring, of course, any chance of a Big Little Lies Season Three.) Gummer does, on the other hand, have at least one thing in common with her mother: She's also an actress, who's starred in shows like The Good Wife and Emily Owens, M.D. Seeing as collaboration also runs in the family—she once voiced an episode of Robot Chicken written by her husband, and appeared alongside her mom in 2015's Ricki and the Flash—it might not be too long before Streep will get to act not just alongside her daughter, but also her grandchild.

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