After months and months of somehow successfully avoiding the public eye, on Tuesday, the not-so-surprising news broke that Taylor Swift and her British boyfriend of a year or so, Joe Alwyn, are now reportedly living together in London—aka Swift has repeatedly been crashing at Alwyn's place in Crouch End.

It's not hard to see why the pair has chosen the U.K. as their home base. The budding actor's flat is no doubt far and away less conspicuous than some of Swift's homes back in the States, from her Beverly Hills mansion, whose walls barely even cover the property, and the $50-million worth of apartments she now owns on a single block in New York.

When it comes to real estate, pop culture references, or years-long feuds, subtlety, in other words, has apparently never been Swift's strong suit. Somehow, though, she and Alwyn have lately managed to be so secretive that a striking number of people readily believed that this summer, she'd snuck out of her apartment in a giant suitcase. That delightful rumor has since been debunked, but now E! News is giving some exclusive (and of course anonymously sourced) insight into how she and Alwyn have managed to hide from the public eye.

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Just like Khloé Kardashian, Swift has perfectly honed a "serious strategy" to staying under the radar; according to an "insider," Swift has the "entire routine [of being in the U.K.] down pat now." It reportedly begins with Swift traveling to the U.K. via a private jet or a private airfield, thereby skipping airport terminals, and putting off having her passport checked until she's already on the tarmac. Upon crossing the pond, Swift is then reportedly driven straight to Alwyn's flat in a "fairly nondescript blacked-out car."

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Joe Alwyn in London in April, 2017. Photo via Getty Images.

Stuart C. Wilson

She also "barely leaves a trace" by doing what seems to be one of her favorite activities: being a homebody. Alwyn, of course, stays right there by her side, so that they can keep their one-on-one time outside of clubs and restaurants. His family appears to approve their strategy: They've reportedly all met Swift, and have even done "many a Sunday roast together." Perhaps we'll never know what else goes on behind Alwyn's apartment walls, but if Swift really is taking a page from a Kardashian's book, there is a slight chance they've also all been holding Olympics-level drunk karaoke sessions together.

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