Josephine Skriver and Alex DeLeon

Newly engaged couple Josephine Skriver and Alex DeLeon, November 2018.

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Josephine Skriver had a very big month. After appearing in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show earlier in November—her third outing on the lingerie brand’s notorious runway—the model wrote on Instagram that she was taking a “break from social media” in order to “sail the Norwegian waters in search for orcas and the northern lights!”

That was November 16. Since then, she’s returned to Instagram, and judging by her posts, she’s succeeded on both counts, and then on another: During her trip abroad, she and longtime boyfriend Alexander DeLeon—a musician, formerly of The Cab, who now records as Bohnes and goes by Alex—got engaged. Or, as Skriver put it, “I SAID HELL-FREAKIN’-YES!!!!” (Her emphasis.)

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I SAID HELL-FREAKIN’-YES!!!! I’M ENGAGED 😱😍😆😱 It was a cold November night. Alex had us driven all the way to Finland to see the northern lights. It was my second bucket list number i was checking off in the same week after swimming with Orcas, my favorite animals, in their natural habitat! Little did i know it would soon be my third! He had a bonfire built for me on top of the middle of a frozen lake deep in Scandinavia completed with the full moon shining on our backs and hot cocoa to keep us warm!?!? Like.. is he crazy?!??? For the first time in both of our lives we got to see the northern lights decide to show their dance across the starry night!! It was a full moon... it was on the 23rd (23 is my lucky number).. and the same day as his song “Aurora Borealis”, which was the first song he EVER wrote about me, came out to the world! sometimes the universe just chooses to leave you speechless!!! that was when @bohnes looked over at me. When he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.. I have never been more sure about anything in my life. You are my biggest adventure. My fairytale come true. My soulmate. My best friend. The love of my life. So of course it was 1millionxYES!!! Sometimes in life you will meet that one person that makes everything make sense. A person that pushes you to be an even greater version of yourself. A person that makes you not just dream it.. but believe it! Believe in your own abilities to make anything happen! Love is not about compromising yourself. Love is finding someone that only adds to your own joy and shine! Teammates for life!!! @bohnes with you i just knew! You are all that and more. You walked into my life and i have never looked back. I love you. You are MY northern lights and MY Aurora Borealis. <3 -Your Jo

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Here’s what happened, according to Skriver’s effusive post. After tracking down orcas “in their natural habitat” in Norway, they took a road trip over to neighboring Finland to track down the northern lights. DeLeon had conspired to set up a bonfire on the surface of a frozen lake (sounds like a hazard, honestly) under a full moon. There was hot chocolate “to keep us warm,” she wrote. “Like…is he crazy?!???” (That same day, she added, the Bohnes song “Aurora Borealis”—the first DeLeon apparently wrote about her—debuted.) There, he presented her with the ring—a photo of which also appears in the Instagram post that doubles as their engagement announcement—and “of course it was 1millionxYES!!!”

DeLeon posted a close-up of the ring on Skriver’s finger, her face smiling in the background, to his Twitter. “My fiancé!!!!!!!!” he captioned (his emphasis); on the same photo on his Instagram, he wrote, “forever. <3.”

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forever. <3

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Josephine Skriver and DeLeon have been dating since 2013; they share a home in Nashville and, judging by their Instagrams, they travel together a whole lot (Iceland, Antarctica, and Thailand, among other places). So if their adventures thus far are any indicator (“You are my biggest adventure,” Skriver wrote on her Instagram), their wedding will perhaps take place in some far-flung destination.

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