A month after Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman held their second quiet wedding, and less than a year after Kravitz casually mentioned in passing that they'd gotten engaged, the couple has slowly begun to open up about their personal lives—which is to say, they've begun gushing about each other on Instagram. (The app holds some special significance for the couple: Glusman proposed to Kravitz with a ring she'd been eyeing on a vintage jewelry account.)

On Sunday, Kravitz posted a photo of (a pink-haired) Glusman, which was captioned, simply, "husband." That might not sound too notable, but between all her posts about Big Little Lies, it's the first time that Glusman has appeared on her Instagram in months. Glusman, on the other hand, semi-frequently posts photos of Kravitz. (Past captions include "you’re so fucking cool" and "you make me feel like a junkie.") But none of those have stood out nearly as much as the one that he posted on Tuesday, which featured not one, but two Kravitzes—one being the human version of the 30-year-old actress, who can be found cozying up to the 31-year-old actor. The other can be found smack in the middle of Glusman's back, emblazoned across his leather jacket, which also features a giant heart and the all-caps phrase "JUST MARRIED."

It may come as a surprise, but Glusman isn't the first celebrity love bird to express affection through custom merch. Glusman's jacket is essentially an alt upgrade of Ariana Grande's sweatshirt with her then fiancé Pete Davidson's face on it, which, wherever it may be these days, remains a relic of what was gushiest celebrity couple in history. That's not to say that Kravitz and Glusman might eventually face the same fate; for what it's worth, Glusman's luxe leather jacket looks much more like an investment piece.

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