As Kendall Jenner and other loyal friends signaled last week when they hit the town with sex toys and phallic sippy cups, the Hailey BieberJustin Bieber wedding is nigh. Technically, it's the pair's second wedding, though it looks as if this round of nuptials will bear little to no resemblance to last year's secret courthouse ceremony. Take, for example, the venue: On Sunday night, the Biebers, plus a select crew of family and friends, touched down in South Carolina for a rehearsal dinner at the Montage in Palmetto Bluff—a resort that was once home to no less than 21 plantations, at least one of which was owned by a Confederate commander.

As for the Biebers' guest list, it's just as wide-ranging. Among those who attended the rehearsal dinner were the supermodels Joan Smalls and Kendall Jenner, and the singer Justine Skye, all of whom were presumably invited by Hailey. As for Justin's crew, it include his parents, Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette; his former bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton; the actor Kyle Massey; his infamous manager, Scooter Braun; and Laura and Carl Lentz. The latter, as Beliebers well know, is a celebrity pastor who used to employ Justin as his intern. (A tip for those desiring to learn more about each and every one of the guests: Most can be found on a Justin Bieber fandom wiki page, under the category "Friends.")

According to a "source" who meticulously shared details with E!, a fleet of water taxis escorted the motley crew to the Biebers' rehearsal dinner around 6:30, where the guests were greeted with flutes of champagne. "The dinner was on the edge of the water and was outdoors," the source continued." There were many string lights hanging and lit candles. Everyone was seated at long tables and the decor was very chic and white."

Fortunately, the Biebers "looked really happy to see everyone." "Hailey and Justin both could not stop smiling," the source added, noting that Hailey once again opted for a short white dress. As for the rest of the attendees, somehow only one of them—the entrepreneur John Shahidi—was repping Bieber's brand Drew House.

Surprisingly, nearly every attendee has yet to prove their attendance on social media. Fret not: There are still two full days for them to turn into content. In the meantime, you might want to follow the four Bieber children in attendance—Allie, Jaxon, Jazmyn, and a baby who goes by Bay—who each have Instagram accounts with thousands of followers to stay up-to-date. Several of them also have fan accounts, which is how we know that, since touching down in South Carolina, Jenner has managed to bowl a strike.

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