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August Horoscopes: Twitter's Favorite Astrologers Forecast Even More Summer Lovin'

August may feel like a slow month, but doesn't mean it isn't one that could test your closest friendships. The new moon in Leo on August 11th will usher in unexpected connections between you and those in your professional sphere, whereas the Pisces full moon on August 26th will present an important opportunity to let yourself feel and say some difficult things aloud, whether to a friend or a lover. Remember that loyalty takes different shapes—shapes that aren't always obvious. Sometimes, it’s the silence after conflict.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,

The Astro Poets


This month will bring you a lot of time to reflect on your friendships. As much as your romantic obsessions have fueled you, it’s your quiet friendships that have sustained you. These seemingly slower August days are a good time to let those friends know that you know this yourself. As usual, you’ll be starting though not finishing many projects. Let yourself dream, but try to focus on a project that might bring long-term financial stability. It’s there. Don't be discouraged by summer’s lull. Although it may seem like you’re in a holding pattern for many things you’ve been looking for in your career and romantic life, everything is moving toward progress. But it will be slow—and it may even feel slower. Remember to ask for time alone. The person you should be asking for that is yourself.


August will have career vibes, big time. You'll be focused on both the present state of your career and your long-term goals. Your ambitions and plans will play a more prominent role as you work to fortify your personal connections and start building professional support networks. Old friends from your deep past will come into your life in more pronounced ways—and provide important opportunities. In terms of love, you may find yourself single (or at least in a single state of mind) as you enjoy life and its sensual pleasures to the fullest. If you're in something more committed, you'll enjoy some no-holds-barred passion around mid-month, as you bring your relationship to a serious next level. Family is always on your mind in some way, and this month, you may find yourself at a family reunion of sorts, no matter how informal it may seem. Be sure to soak up those loving family feelings. Next month, you may need them.


Often these last weeks, you’ve been hiding some personal pain that has to do with how you see yourself in your closest friendships. August will see that pain surface and be dealt with. Do not be afraid of the confrontations this may cause; it will all lead toward clarity. Somewhere toward the end of the month you will see one of your ideas, whether professional or creative (or both), greenlit in a way that will inspire you. For all of the blockages that you’ve felt this summer, there are many doorways beginning to open for you, starting in this hot, slowest month. An old romantic partner will contact you—and perhaps disappoint you again. Your aloof charm may turn them on even more, but remember, they’ve never been able to commit to it, so let them go. There are incredible financial opportunities ahead. Wake up early for them.


When it comes to love and commitment, this month will be about taking the plunge. Whatever state your current relationship is in, you'll be feeling an instinct to make it more of a forever thing. You may begin plans to move in with someone, or you may have even recently strengthened your bonds with your partner and renewed your vows. If you have recently broken up with a long-term partner, you may feel pangs of regret as the month wears on and you miss them profoundly. It’s time to celebrate the joy of having someone to love and to figure out how to show your particular person how much you care. Use your gift for romantic language and gestures to send them unexpected gifts. Not just flowers, but things that will really matter to them. Write them a love poem, infuse it with your special sense of moody joy that they exist, and give it to them. You won’t be sorry that you took the extra step when you see their reaction.


An old friend whom you trust and have felt slighted by will contact you and try to reconnect. They will be an important doorway for you, so meet them wherever they ask. Although it’s your season, you haven’t exactly felt like being social. This will change mid-month, which will bring days where you’ll yearn to throw a party and invite everyone you know. Even if you don’t follow through with this, let yourself feel it. You’re an incredibly loyal partner, and though you demonstrate this every day, plan something special for the one you’re with around the time of the new moon. So much has been said about how self-obsessed you are, but you’re actually most obsessed with the two or three forever people around you. They''re the real core of who you are. You see yourself in them more than any mirror. Take pride in your generosity, Leo. You’re going to be in a giving mood.


You've spent the past few months figuring out how you feel about your romantic relationships and where you want to take them. You've recently had some clarity, made some hard decisions, and may have even just broken up with someone. And while you'll likely want the next steps on your journey to be easy, they may not be. You may need to fight for the kind of person you deserve, and even cry a little to sort through your true feelings. By the end of the month, though, a sexy stranger (who isn't truly a stranger) will come into your life again. They'll bring some work opportunities for you, which will make you even more turned on by them than you would have been already. Try to play it cool, but remember that life is about loving people completely. You don’t have to be the one who fixes everything to be happy. This month, let other people take care of you.


The days, they do pass. You're quite sentimental again as summer pulls toward its end. Sure, you’ve been traveling, reading, living the life of your own design, but there's a melancholy you can’t shake. The truth is, this melancholy is what drives you. It’s what brings you closer to the best people, too. Don’t fight it or distrust it. It’s not there to hurt you. It’s part of who you are. Your mind is never at rest, Libra. You'll always be looking for better love, even when you are in love. Weeks in your life feel like novels, and years feel like a party you leave before midnight. There is so much to come: short love affairs, work that's worthwhile, moments of solitude that will bring clarity. All you have to do is show up—and rest, too. Don’t forget to rest.


This month will test your patience. There will be quite a bit of waiting on others to make decisions that will affect you, whether regarding a job you've been eyeing or a love interest you've been waiting on to make a move. Friends who want to be around you for your seductive energy will likely drain it if you don’t protect yourself from them. There will be at least one specific friend whose goal is to manipulate you this month, and, if if you don’t want to be exhausted, you must avoid them. This person isn't evil—just in need of something that you have. So instead of cutting them out of your life forever, just keep them away until fall. This August, you’ll have nostalgia for past love, particularly for relationships that were never fully realized. You are going to need to make a big leap to convince the one you really love that you do care deeply. You are fully capable of doing this, but the question is, do you actually care deeply? Newsflash: you do.


For whatever reason, the summer is a time when you aren’t afraid to say no; to make time for yourself, and to spend that time without judgment. This month will bring more of this, but the important lesson is to bring this attitude with you to Fall. Perhaps there aren’t obvious changes occurring on a physical or material level, but this summer has changed you spiritually. Your relationship to yourself is deeper because you're listening to voices less and less, which is obviously a good thing. It is imperative that you trust your intuition, which your creativity depends on almost entirely. You must feel free to follow impulses that often leave others confused or even slighted. Those people don’t understand you, and while they may not be toxic, seeing less of them is good for you. A huge creative achievement is coming your way soon. Know that you will be recognized.


August will be a time of renewal for you. Some past mistakes will be recycled as you begin to realize a change in your essential self. Of course, you always have goals, for both your work life and your love life, and August will be no different. This month, you'll learn to deeply forgive people in your professional sphere and to move closer to realizing goals you've held for a long time. One person who you’ll forgive could be a love interest, but you may realize this when it’s almost too late. Try to remember that any new person has the ability to make you feel great joy. Challenge your encounters with new people to involve deeper empathy. At the same time, there’s great energy for you to begin new projects. You'll make plans to start things that were only far-off dreams a few months ago. Get a best friend involved, and you'll have fun making something important together. Take a walk in a forest, and you'll quickly learn all the new songs.


You will be a love magnet this month. For your friends, but especially to strangers, who will find themselves drawn to you and your aloof sexiness. Try to go out as much as possible in August. Meet new people. One of these people will stick around in the fall and they may become a lover or an important friend with time. Maybe both. You will want clarity on what exactly they want and why but don’t bother with that—follow all your physical and emotional urges. As much as this will feel oppositional to your usual cerebral nature, it will pay off. And money? It’s coming, but toward the end of the year if you’re thinking of something big. Don’t worry too much about your career right now. It is steadily moving toward progress. Love will push it along even further. That’s where your energy will be most powerful in these slow, summer weeks.


For the past few years, you’ve acted without pride in in your professional life. You've taken opportunities when and where they happen, chasing them only when necessary. Overall, it’s seemed as if you didn’t have to fight too hard. This timidity can be part of both your survival instincts and your genius. After all, it's wise to maneuver tricky situations deftly and not too forcefully, until you get a full picture of the situation at hand. Still, now might be a good time to actually make a move. You have dreams just like everyone—big ones—and they deserve to be realized. Take a few steps forward, and you'll see that the lucky winds of change will move you several more steps in the right direction just by the charm of sheer momentum. And, by the way, if you have a pet, be sure to give it extra love this month. Your heart is an animal one—loyal, complicated, and necessary.

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